The Critical Voice 3

Let’s consider the challenge of shifting the relationship with the critical voice. There is a certain amount of accumulated physiological resistance which we need to address. For most of us the interaction with the “voice” is a negative and frustrating one. It rants and we cringe.

We can use a simple HeartMath technique (the most basic) to draw our attention away from the voice and to the heart. It is called “Heart Focused Breathing.” Whenever you hear the “voice” let that be a trigger to turn your attention to the heart area and imagine you are breathing in and out of your heart. As you notice the voice is getting less prominent imagine that your breath is like a wave flowing onto a beach, rolling in and out from the shore. Focus on the sound of your breath and the ebb and flow into and out of your heart.

Now we add another HM technique, Quick Coherence. QC is the practice of re-experiencing the positive emotion associated with a person or event in our lives that inspires a powerful positive emotional response. One of the memories I use is the time my 7 year old daughter presented me with a Father’s Day card she had made for me. Without effort I can feel the love and gratitude I hold for her.
Our intention is to embrace those feelings again and again as it serves us in our challenge to reduce and eliminate the charge associated with the “voice”.

Hold that positive emotion for at least 20 seconds. The goal is to support the formation of new neural pathways to help us go to the positive whenever the “voice” is heard in our conscious mind. We are creating a new positive neural pathway to associate with the voice and we are allowing the old worn down path to atrophy by avoiding it.
There is much more we can do regarding our relationship with the “voice”, but let’s begin with this simple practice.

Please share your experience with me as you explore the possibility of creating a new relationship with the “voice”

Written by John Staples