Stress Relief Survey


I am writing a book on eliminating stress for professional woman over the age of 40.  Before I get too deep into the content, a survey of the target market is in order.   I’m including the link to a survey (it’s VERY short), and anyone who participates will have access to a private link where she can download a write-up on a powerful stress-elimination technique.

After you take the survey,  I would GREATLY appreciate it if you’d share the below link with your friends and associates either on Facebook, Twitter or via email.  The survey is completely anonymous and the privacy of all participants is protected.   At this stage, the survey feedback is extremely important, so I really do appreciate your assistance!   To make things easy, if you are willing to post or send this to your friends,  just copy and paste this entire email.  You might add a note at the top to explain it is from a friend and not from you.

Here’s the link:

Many thanks!

Written by John Staples