Return to the Garden (Chronicles of Eleanor Book 1) by Norie Huddle

A few minutes after I finished EASTERLAND by Patrick Henry Prentice (see previous Blog),  I found a Skype message from another long lost friend who had surfaced due to my daughter’s insisting I get more Facebook friends.

Norie Huddle has written the first in a series of novels involving “Eleanor” on her quest to inspire our civilization to embrace and accelerate the awakening and spiritual transformation that more and more of us feel happening now.

A few years ago, following my own calling to expand my contribution to global awakening, I was trained as a Oneness Blessing or “Deeksha” Giver.  This training is part of a movement that began in India.  It is dedicated to the transfer of universal energy for the healing, activation and awkening of individuals to expand their consciousness and experience the state of oneness, or the connection with all.  The belief is that at some point we will reach a critical mass of awakening which will hasten the global enlightenment  that Norie and I, and so many others anticipate.

Norie has an easy to read flowing style and expresses her passion for encouraging the shift that is within and without all of us with sincerity and clarity.   The story inspires us to nurture the opening of all men to their highest self and to stay the path with enthusiasm to sustain the positive in each of us as we live our lives moment to moment.

I am now anticipating  Chronicles of Eleanor Book 2!

Written by John Staples