Easterland by Patrick Henry Prentice

I just finished a book written by a dear friend of mine from high school. He knew he was a writer even then 55 years ago.  Easterland by Patrick Henry Prentice. Over the years our paths have crossed and recrossed, but for the past fifteen or more years we have had little contact. 

Yesterday my younger daughter suggested I should have more Facebook friends and she would show me how to do that. As everything happens for a reason, Patrick was one of the people who popped up in someone else’s Friends list and I invited him to be my friend. He responded a few minutes after I sent the request and we had an interchange of “lets get together”.

However, when I went to his Facebook page there was the cover of his novel staring at me. I was drawn to grab it on my Kindle and began reading yesterday afternoon while in a sea of projects that needed to be completed NOW. Apparently not! It was as if I was reading what I would now base a novel on if I were so moved. After all these years we have arrived at the same metaphysical space, embracing the connection between everything and everyone. He has woven a tale in words with such vivid cinematic images that it feels like it is already on the screen.

Jesus keeps coming back into my life as if a golden thread in the tapestry of my experience. First in a religious context, which I ultimately turned away from, and finally as my spiritual guide, the icon for love in my life. Always challenging me to find my purpose and to embrace the connection with all.

Would you like to explore an insightful view into the duality of Christ in the metaphysical as opposed to the religious which is consistent with Quantum Physics and the evidence based “hard” science regarding spirit……Get to Amazon now!

Thanks, Patrick! How about the prequel

Written by John Staples