The Critical Voice 2

If we set our intention to be a witness to that inner voice and short circuit our habit of “owning” that voice, it will begin to lose its emotional charge for us. We can choose to remind ourselves that whenever we hear that voice that we are learning to change our response from believing we “are” the voice to merely witnessing that voice.

Just having this discussion with yourself and opening to the concept that you are not the voice and the voice is not you will begin the process of shifting your ability to short circuit the emotional charge from that voice and its rantings.

Creating an inner pause or choice point is part of the HeartMath method which assists in this process. This is a process which can be enhanced by a number of energy movement/clearing methods.

I use EFT, or HeartMath or a combination of the two techniques to help shift the negative energy of buying into that voice as “ME” and recognizing it is only my physiology trying to be helpful.

The Critical Voice 1

Most of us spend our lives listening to our critical voice as if it is the authentic voice of who we are. Start now just listening to that voice as if it is outside of you and coming from someone who thinks they know you, but have you confused with someone else.

You are hearing the rantings of your physiology through the voice of your ego, which believes that it is helping you to be at your highest and best. In fact it fails miserably at that task. It exaggerates and magnifies whatever you do or say. It needs and wants to be of service, to be a force for the positive in your life.

Can you tell that voice needs some training to fulfill that goal? Know that it is not about who YOU are. Let that voice go. As you allow the voice to speak without identifying with it, you will notice you are able to just let it go.

Set your intention to let that voice go and allow that energy to flow thru you and leave your body while merely being the observer of this voice that thinks it is you.

Give it a try. There are things you can do to help that process which I will share with you.

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I am starting a Blog today!  I will be sharing anything and everything that feels right to share regarding stress and how to live a life in control of our emotions and to make the choice to be at our highest and best moment to moment.

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